A project planner for 3/4/5 points - כתיבת פרויקט באנגלית


  • Choose a topic which interests you.

  • Make a project according to the following instructions:

Page 1: A cover page –  עמוד שער
 Write the name of your project; your name; ID number; teacher's name; school's name; add a picture of your topic.
Page 2: Table of contents – תוכן העניינים
You can write it in a table if it helps.
Page 3: Introduction – מבוא
Write half a page about your topic. For example: I chose to write about… because….
Pages 4-7/8 – body: גוף העבודה
 Write two to three chapters, as research questions, about your project. If, for example, you choose to do a project about a certain country, you can write about its history, food, climate, tourists attractions and so on.
Page 9: Summary – סיכום
Summarize your findings: did you learn something new about your topic? (At least half a page).
  Page 10:  Reflection – רפלקציה  
Write your own opinion about your work: did you improve your English? Did you enjoy making this project? What was difficult/easy for you while doing this project and so on?  (At least half a page).
Page 11: Bibliography – ביבליוגרפיה (רשימת המקורות)
Mention at least three-four sites that you used while making the project.
12. Appendix - נספח
Additional special pictures, articles, some other sources - if you have any – add them at the end of your project.

  • Remember to add pictures in each chapter. If you have many pictures you can add some in the appendix, as mentioned above.

  • You can do the project alone or in couples.

GOOD LUCK yessmiley


לתרגול חומרי לימוד באנגלית לכיתה י"א - 3, 4 ו-5 יח"ל.

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